Using Lottery Number Analysis Techniques

Using Lottery Number Analysis Techniques

Have you ever been to a party and seen all theacky signs people are doing to advertise their latest lottery winning system? It’s a little like the sorts of signs you see at a tax advertise promoting a new Big Check. What the Heck does it mean? It means that someone has cranked out a new national lottery advertising campaign.

This is not an exaggeration. There are literally dozens of different ways to play lotteries online or through directories or from the comfort of your own home. Many of these systems advertise flashy proof of results for winners in questionable-sounding testimonials. Some claim lottery statistics or proof of workable systems. But the best and most effective way is often not tried by the winners themselves, but by the marketers who market these ineffective strategies.

Fassertive or self promoting individuals who market these systems as LotteryPsychology or LottoPsychology, often display numerous examples of supposed lottery scams or fraud. Most would think that if they were caught, their licenses would be revoked, or they’d be arrested. But the fact is that these people are not targeted or have a problem with the law. The problem is with their marketing strategies.

If you’re designing a successful advertising campaign, you use a well designed video or banner for your website or you purchase a professional high quality banner for your website. Using a effective lottery advertising campaign, you can very quickly and easily increase your lottery clientele and your profits.

The difference between a good advertising campaign and a bad one is only logical. You are targeting a very specific group of people with a very specific product or service, for a very specific outcome. Using an effective lottery system can also be applied to advertising, but you need to make sure the system is working before you spend money on it.

Most people who end up at the lottery after advertising never won the lottery. Most people lose because they’re using old information or techniques that no one else offers. Using a proven lottery system can dramatically improve your chances of winning the lottery.

Fred Kain, a nationally known quantum physicist and the author of much of the current research on the subject of the self-consistency of the random process, has devoted a career to proving the efficiency of the random generator discussed in my first article. Fred has won a total of four million dollars in the States in the lottery in the past twenty eight years.

I want you to realize that it’s not the number of digits you’re choosing that are important, but rather it’s the probability you have at picking those digits that determine your odds of winning. Choosing six random numbers out of a ratio of 49 to 100 is just as likely to win as choosing six numbers from a ratio of 72 to 122.

Most lottery systems will not improve your chances of winning the lottery. The way you improves your chances of winning is to follow a strategy Fred outlined in his book. Whether you’re starting to play the lottery online or in the lottery lounge, just choose a game you feel most comfortable playing.

Fred outlined a strategy he called: Gamble Risk For Togel88. Basically, this strategy is a down-and-dirty method of picking numbers. As he describes it,

“Risk is predictable; you just have to know how to look for it. Knowing how to look for risk is the key to gambling.”

How are you to know which numbers are risk free? There are a few simple tests. Give a number or two to each of your best friends and family members. Don’t give several thousands of dollars to a random person on the street; just do it once to yourself. If you can responsibly afford it, ask a trusted friend or relative for a little extra. Either way, if you feel it’s safe and advisable, do it.

When you’ll have completed the above, post the number on a piece of paper and take it from your pocket to the mirror. If the number is there, it is risk free – you won’t need to worry about it anymore. Now grab your friend’s bet or your own and bet your self some more.

After this, put the number on your overnight letter and wait for the next day.

Saturdays are always the biggest day of the lotteries because more people play.

Fred prosecuted his mission for three weeks in a French prison. Just to prove that he wasn’t bluffing, he was actually shot in the leg when a fellow escapes. He spent a few months in prison.

After he was released, he went on to organised his own prison time, but continued to adhere to his prison time schedule.

One day the French prison guards approached him and instead of handing him over to the guards, he evaded them. On the first day he slipped out to go to a baseball game. He was a free-agent that day so he could do as he pleased.