How to Win the Lotto

How to Win the Lotto

Everyone dreams of becoming a millionaire. Some day they hope and despair that they will actually become a millionaire and be able to live the life they dream of. But for the majority of us this is just a dream. We all work hard day in and day out to make ends meet but it is not enough for financial freedom. Can you possibly imagine going to sleep with a lot more money than you had the previous night?

The pressed to increase your chance of winning the lotto, would of course buy the best available research did, implement that research with a small set of numbers and a formula designed to increase your chances of winning the lotto.

To give you a small example, I believe that the lotto releases 4568 winning numbers, you can bet that number for a progression of six numbers and you will win something back. In regards to the seller of this particular book, I think he feels that the lotto is completely random and there are just as many chances of winning the lotto with the following numbers released, than with the numbers released. I will call this number X amount of lotto released, Q amount of numbers released or the expected outcome for a lotto draw.

The formula can be applied to any lotto besides the lotto that is actively run by the state. Numerous people and companies offer you certain amounts of cash for information that you can purchase and base your decisions on. Normally those choices which offer the highest percentage are those that have an upper class of likelihood of winning.

For example in Florida there is a draw during every month of the year, the most common draw is the Treasure Hunt. The highest percentage of winning numbers are drawn there. If you were to cover 21 lines with numbers, you will have a 97% chance to win on a dollar bet, playing 5 numbers per line.

You would of course have to increase your odds of winning to 97% if the lotto was not random at all. According to the unbiased research which I have seen, a person has around a 0.3% to 0.7% of winning in the final year of their life. This would mean that even if you were to play for centuries you would still not win. With the poor odds of winning, the thought of spending that money on something worthwhile would not seem so appealing.

ocusing on just one game makes the odds even worse. One would hope to win in the lotto while playing just the National Lottery would only have 2.3% of winning. Capitalizing on the fact that lotteries are mostly random gives you a much lower chance of winning.

In the end, it is better to statistically win a small amount of money rather than nothing and lose everything that you won. However, statistics also tells us that you can’t win every time. So if you win not once, but twice, then at least you are not as bad as someone who loses every time. Lotto is supposed to be about taking advantage of opportunities, not building up a large fortune that will barely benefit you and later generations of your family. This is how the saying goes, “you have to spend money to make money.” The phrase never runs deeper than that.

In conclusion, statistics proves that there is no guaranteed way to win the lotto, but you can always increase your odds of winning. It would be better to win the lotto jackpot ( once a week than never.